Bryan Rehbein   Bryan Rehbein

Top 10 Reasons Why SysAdmin's Deserve a Great Day!

Jul 29, 2016

Happy SysAdmin’s Day! At Check Website, we know that being a System Administrator can be tough and often thankless work. That is why we tip our hats to all the incredible sysadmins out there who keep our servers humming, emails delivered, networks routed and CAT6 color coordinated. So here’s to you Mr. or Ms. SysAdmin; and ten reasons why you deserve all our thanks!

1. Late night rescues

Who else is going to answer a call at 2am about the website being down (the backup isn’t running because somebody unplugged it) and jump into action right away with a brilliant and innovative solution that baffles us mere mortals? If you call anyone else at 2am with a similar problem, you’re probably not getting their best, but a sysadmin won’t let you down. Even early in the morning they are ready to save the day.

2. Incredible insights

Years of experience in the field and seeing nearly every well intentioned way to screw up a workstation has crafted perfect gut instincts in every sysadmin. They can look at a computer and just know what’s wrong with it, almost as if it’s speaking to them.

3. They have the entire company on their backs

More and more, companies rely on their infrastructure to make sure that business runs smoothy. Whether it’s storing an important document or presentation, sending email, keeping the servers safe from intruders, or just making sure the Internet is working. The network has to work or the company will grind to a halt. The sysadmin makes sure the infrastructure is secure and running so the company can keep going.

4. Ingenuity to spare

If you’re having trouble with email or linking the projector in the conference room to your ancient Gateway notebook that you brought from home, every sysadmin is better than MacGyver. All they need are a few paperclips, some Hot Pockets, a few scripts, an assortment of cables, and they can solve any challenge we can throw at them.

5. Level 90 Magical Powers

Like a powerful group healing spell in the middle of a quest, people just want their tech to work. That’s what a sysadmin does best, though it often seems like a bit of magic to the rest of us mere mortals.

6. Backups

You don’t understand just how important backups are until your system crashes, erasing all your data, and you realize just then that you haven’t backed up your file all week. Thankfully the sysadmin is here to grab the file from their backups that they have been keeping on the server, just in time to save the day.

7. Growth doesn't scare them

Did the boss introduce a new promotion and forget to tell IT? And now your online orders are shooting through the roof? It’s not a problem since the sysadmin prepared for just such a day by setting up a robust cloud configuration so the servers auto-scaled up to handle all the traffic.

8. Prepared for the worst

What if it’s not a glut of orders coming in to crash your servers, what if it’s a perfect storm of problems that leads to network failure? That’s not an issue. Thanks to the sysadmin’s superior documentation and masterful problem solving abilities, your network will be back up and running in no time, delivering email and handling printer requests as fast as ever.

9. Watching out for evil

The Internet can be a scary place and it’s nice to have a superhero in your corner. Sysadmins are always on the watch for evil doers looking to penetrate and otherwise assault the network. From bot attacks overseas to preventing Janice in Accounting from opening up that enticing, malware-laden email, sysadmins are ever vigilant against the evils of the world.

10. They don't get thanked enough

It’s a sad truth that we just expect computers to work. So, when everything is going right with a network, we don’t even think about it. But when it’s broken, suddenly we need our sysadmins. They rarely get thanked for the thousand things they do to keep the whole company afloat, even when things are not obviously broken. They deserve our thanks every single day for their tireless efforts and dedication.

Sysadmin day is all about saying thanks to the diligent heros keeping our servers and networks running in pristine condition. You deserve our many thanks, not just today, but every day. Thank you sysadmins, for all that you do!