Bryan Rehbein   Bryan Rehbein

We pushed the button! Check Website is Launched into Public Beta.

Jul 18, 2016

After many months of working on this project, we are launching the Check Website Public Beta.

Keep Track of your Websites

Check Website gives you one place to keep track of the websites you are responsible for. Giving you one dashboard that has all your websites and domains, when they need to be renewed along with some basic performance data.

Which of your website domains needs to be renewed next?

The Check Website dashboard will list all your websites and domains along with their expirations.

How many days do you have before you need to renew a website’s security certificate?

The dashboard also lists your websites and how many days left before the certificate needs to be renewed.

Properly Running Websites

We started out building Check Website to help people launch and run properly configured and successful websites. When you register a domain or get a security certificate that expires in 1, 2 or 3 years, the renewal date has a tendency to sneak up on people. If you multiply that by 20 different websites that is a lot of different dates to remember. Check Website’s dashboard gives you all that information in one place, all you need to do is add your website or domain to the dashboard and you’ll see that information in one spot. Even if the websites you are responsible for are registered across 20 different registrars.

Sit Back, Relax and Let Us do the Monitoring

As we have been building Check Website, we strive to keep this tool simple and easy to use. All you need to do is add the websites you want to keep track of in the dashboard - we’ll let you know if there is something that needs your attention. You will get a notification when one of your domains or certificates is nearing its renewal period. We also will let you know if your website was down when we checked.