Easy Login

When you create an account at Check Website, we don’t ask you to create a password. We created Easy Login to make it very easy to login to your account by sending you a secure link to your email address.

Is this Secure?

Easy Login is secure as long as your email account is secure. Also, if you have an account with a password, you can easily reset your password using only your email address. We like to think that Easy Login is more secure for you, our customer, because we don’t have a copy of your password stored in our database. A nefarious individual cannot steal passwords or hashes if we don’t store them.

Can I set a Password?

Yes! You can set a password for your account after logging in. Just head to your Profile, under Logging In / Password section, click I want to login using a password instead. If you decide you want to go back to using Easy Login, you can do that in the same section of your Profile.