Connection Timed Out

Unable to connect (timed out).

Possible Causes

Your server or webhost is overloaded and is unable to respond to requests in a timely manner.

Your host provider’s network is overloaded and is unable to route traffic in a timely manner.

  • Check with your webhost or server provider, or check their status page, to see if they are currently experiencing issues.

Your server, webhost or a firewall is configured to block access to the website. The firewall would be configured to drop traffic instead of responding that the connection was closed.

  • Setup the appropriate firewall rules to allow traffic from the Internet to connect to your website. Websites are typically accessed over port 80 or port 443. Port 80 is typically plain, unencrypted http traffic. Port 443 is typically TLS encrypted https traffic.

An Internet connection somewhere between our check box and your website is not working. This situation may cause some people to not be able to connect to your website, while other people can access it without any problems.